Vintage GS Cabernet 1966 750ml Value


Vintage GS Cabernet 1966 750ml Value

The GS 1966 Cabernet is shrouded in mystery and remains South Africa’s rarest wine. The GS Cabernet was an experiment by George Spies, then winemaker at Monis, in 1966 and 1968. His aim was to produce a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon that had the ability to age, which was not common at the time. There is a mystery surrounding the winemaking, reportedly sourced from Durbanville. The bottles were given away by Spies, reportedly very tannic and rustic in its youth. As the wine matured, rare bottles become recognised by pundits such as Michael Fridjhon and James Molesworth of Wine Spectator. Today, there can’t be more than a 2 dozen pristine bottles in existence.
This wine has been checked and re-corked by Amorim cork under supervision of auction curator Higgo Jacobs, assuring provenance, quality and long life. Seal code yr-516325 can be traced on Amorim Recorking Directory

Dimensions 750ml

Date 1966

Estimated Value R35 000


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