Chateau Libertas 750mm Red 1970 Value


Chateau Libertas 750mm Red 1970 Value

Believed to be South Africa’s oldest red blend, Chateau Libertas was established by Dr William Charles Winshaw in 1932 to introduce a lightly wooded dry red blend. It has been produced every year since. A unique blend of Cinsaut, Cabernet Sauvignon and later Pinotage, vintages such as 1940, 57 and 61 are remarkably composed and revered today, especially in 750ml bottle.
The 1970 is medium-bodied, pure-fruited and elegant, aging into a true South African icon. This wine has been checked and re-corked by Amorim cork under supervision of auction curator Higgo Jacobs, assuring provenance, quality and long life. Seal codes cg-105067, tB-700680 can be traced on Amorim Recorking Directory





Estimated Price per Bottle R4500


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