How to get the Value of Antiques

How to get the value of Antique Pieces

How to get the Value of Antiques – To place a value on your antique or vintage piece you need to do some research to make sure that you find the right price and not over or undercharge your potential client if you decided to sell your piece. We have a large growing category that will assist you to get some value on your antiques. You can visit our Rare Pieces and Resource page that will help guide you through the process of placing a value on your item.

There is something infinitely intriguing and alluring about antiques. They evoke nostalgia and a sense of history, as well as evoke a feeling of timeless glamour. They are objects that seem to have been frozen in time, and as such, present a wonderful lens into our past.

There is something inherently special about objects that have been around for centuries, and antiques are no exception. They are often remnants of a bygone era, and as such, can offer an interesting perspective on world history. They are incredibly inspiring and often remind us of the power of tradition and an enduring sense of culture.

While antiques are often associated with old-fashionedness and a sense of lace-curtain nostalgia, there is something wonderfully timeless and alluring about them, nonetheless. They are something that appeals to our sense of history and all the diversity that has come about as a result. They are also a reminder that, no matter what changes may occur in the world around us, there is always something relavent and exciting to be found in the past.

Antiques is probably the largest category that you can possibly find in the world. Take a second and think about it. Everything that was ever made will eventually turn out to be an antique. This does not necessarily mean that a piece will carry value. In fact most pieces will never have value due to the volume of production. So how do you determine the value of an antique piece and where do you start. This next paragraph will give you an indication on how to get to know the value of Antiques.

5 Important steps on How to get the Value of Antiques

  • Circa
  • Demand
  • Provenance
  • Availability
  • Condition


We know that this really happened and the date was 1899. This make this piece older than an century and already it is a great checkpoint.


Rare coins is highly in demand. The coin was struck and there was a mistake that was costly and had to be rectified immediately. This mean that only one gold coin was made.


The two persons that was present at this happening was Paul Kruger and Sammy Marks. Paul Kruger was a dominant leader of the old Transvaal in the ZAR Period and Sammy Marks was well known for designing and minting coins.


The condition can be critical to the value of a piece. Always keep in mind that packaging, condition and wear will influence the value of an Antique or Vintage Piece.


We know that gold coins always carry value and if old can fetch much more than a regular or modern gold coin. But with only one gold coins struck with the correct provenance the Single 9 is now one of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world.

Defining the Word Antique

An antique is an item perceived as having value because of its aesthetic or historical significance, and often defined as at least 100 years old, although the term is often used loosely to describe any old items.

In modern society and due to so many antique retailers people would like to encourage the thought that antiques are pieces that are around 50 years old. On the business side Antique dealers and second-hand shops will easily consent with this idea as the shop owners need to make fast sales. For the connoisseur collector that would be the total opposite and they would argue that a piece should be older than 100 years.

Understanding the value and Demand of Antiques

The value of an antique piece starts by circa, demand, provenance, condition and availability.

In 1899 a gold coin was struck which was the first of many coins. The die was not set properly and the coin was inspected after the strike. They realized that there was only one 9 on the coin and had to fix the die. Many gold coins was successfully struck after that but there was only one coin with the single 9 on it. Today the single 9 is one of the most expensive and valuable coins in the world.

So in this example, which is a true story we have the circa 1899, we have excellent provenance, availability – only one, there is a massive demand for this piece and we know the condition is good as it never went into circulation.

By using this strategy you will find it easier to do research on a piece and also to find the value of antique and vintage pieces. This being said it does not necessarily mean that if there was many pieces of an item manufactured that it has no value.

Toys are a good example of items that was manufactured in extremely high numbers, but being kids when they get toys the packaging will be ripped off and the toys will undergo wear throughout the years. So even if some toys were manufactured by the thousands if not millions they can still be extremely valuable due to the way that they were stored and taken care of. Vintage toys with packaging that are still in good order will always be more valuable.

Paul Kruger on the left and Sammy Marks with the striking of the valuable single 9 coin

The higher the demand for and antique piece the higher the price would be. Make sure that you follow the 5 step procedure before buying or selling your antique or vintage piece. To see the value of antique pieces follow this link.

Value of Antiques

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How can I find out how much my antique is worth for free?

How can I find out how much my antique is worth for free?

Research the item and its worth.

You have several options when researching the worth of your antiques. You can do online searches on sites that are dedicated to antiques or even a quick search on a search engine like Google or Bing if you can identify the item. “Fortunately, Google reverse image search services like CamFind can help make the whole search process a breeze,”

You can also hire an antiques appraiser or use an online service like JustAnswer Appraisals to get the scoop on your items. “In addition to online services and search engines, it is possible to find out how much your antiques are worth by simply asking an antique dealer or an appraiser at an auction house, for instance

How do I know if there is value to my antique item?

This is a hard question. First you will have to do some online research. Using websites like Valeur Antique or Worthpoint will give you some indication. If you still need to find more information about your antique piece you can contact an appraiser.

Valeur Antique is a free website to use. We are updating our antique worth list on a daily basis.

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How to get the Value of Antiques

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